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4 Reasons Why You Should Never Compare Yourself with Others

Enrolling in a comprehensive training program, like the ones offered in the IELTS review center in Baguio, is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to prepare for the high-stakes exam.

Any IELTS review center worth its salt can train its students how to handle the demands of the assessment. The IELTS review center in Baguio, for instance, provides in-depth discussions about the components and coverage of the exam. The IELTS review center also uses up-to-date training materials and mock tests.

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However, even the best training facility in the world cannot save you from self-inflicted study distractions. Comparing yourself with others is perhaps the most devastating of these bad habits.

Read and find out the various reasons why you should not compare yourself to others.

1.    It damages your sense of self.
People typically compare themselves to someone who is either more or less fortunate than them. Both have drawbacks. Comparing yourself to someone who is better than you can reduce your self-esteem and lead you to devalue your own achievements. Meanwhile, comparing yourself to someone who is less fortunate than you can give you a twisted sense of superiority (as you are essentially taking pleasure from the misfortune of others).

Moreover, studies show that comparing yourself with others can reduce your confidence, cultivate feelings of envy, and increase your chances of developing anxiety and depression.

2.    It stalls your progress.
Comparing yourself with other people does nothing for your output. In fact, it may be the reason why you are not progressing. It can cause you to wallow in self-pity, increase your tendencies to procrastinate, and consequently diminish your study productivity.

3.    It impairs your judgment.
Here is the thing: people always put their best foot forward. Unless they are fishing for sympathy or personal favors, nobody deliberately projects the worst of their situation. So, if a person seems like they are living the dream, chances are they are just adept at hiding their problems.

Comparing yourself with others can lead you to overestimate the positive in their lives and distort or outright fail to see their downfalls—thus impairing your judgment. In worst case scenarios, your skewed perceptions can lead you to downgrade or nullify your own accomplishments.

4.    It destroys friendships.
Comparing yourself with your friends is a double-edged sword. While it can enhance your productivity and creativity, friendly collaborations can escalate into mean-spirited competitiveness. Some would even go as far as to sabotage their friend's successes just to highlight their own achievements.
Do not sabotage your IELTS review with internalized study distractions. Consider these things to keep yourself from comparing your progress and accomplishments to those of others. Enroll in an excellent IELTS review center to make the most out of your training period.


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