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V. Understanding Teen Slangs

If you plan to take the IELTS, there are various considerations that you need to acknowledge. Choosing an IELTS review center is one. If you live in the northern parts of the Philippines, there is an available IELTS review center in Baguio where you can enroll. Instructors in the IELTS review center in Baguio are dedicated to providing quality education that guarantees the accomplishment of your IELTS score goal.

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After selecting an IELTS review center, you need to work on maintaining your motivation and perseverance to study and aim high to achieve your desired IELTS band score. Keep in mind that your journey does not stop after obtaining your score goal. You have to prepare for the life abroad and be mentally, physically, and emotionally ready to brave the new phase of your life.


Once you live in an English-speaking country, it is important to adapt and be observant of their culture. You need to adjust and pay attention to their cultural and social do’s and don’ts. Thus, it entails continuous learning maybe not academically or work-wise but for basic survival purposes. It is inevitable that you will interact with other native speakers so you must also give an effort to understand them.

Teen slangs are jargons that young adults use in their daily conversation. There are chances that you would encounter the words they use once you interact with them, so it is better to prepare now. Listed below are the most common teen slangs and what their meanings.

•    BASIC
It means staying mainstream but in a negative way.
Example:    You did this project? Too basic.

•    BRUH
This is an alternative way to say “bro.”
Example:    How are you doing bruh?

•    FAM
It pertains to a group of people whom you share the closest relationship with.
Example:    I am meeting my fam today in the mall.

•    GOAT
This is an abbreviation for “greatest of all time.”
Example:    This zip line ride is definitely the GOAT.

•    IDEK
This is an abbreviation for “I don’t even know.”
Example:    Really? IDEK.

•    IT’S LIT
This is the shorter way to say “it’s cool!” or “awesome!”
Example:    Have you seen the movie? It’s lit!

•    V.
Short for "very."
Example:    V. delicious meal. Thanks, bro!
The terms listed above are just some of the complicated teen slangs that you may encounter in a foreign land. Thus, you must pay extra effort to get to know the people and their culture so you can fully adapt to their way of life.


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