Tuesday, July 4, 2017

5 Surprising Household Activities That Can Improve Mind Power

As an IELTS test taker, it's crucial that you make the most out of your preparation period. Knowing the high-stakes English proficiency assessment inside out and having the necessary linguistic know-how are the main ingredients in securing your band score goals. Enrolling in an IELTS review center is one of the sure-fire ways to acquire this knowledge.

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Excellent training facilities such as the IELTS review center in Baguio offer comprehensive courses that cover all the test essentials. As former exam takers themselves, IELTS review center instructors have first-hand experience about the pressures of the English evaluation. They can teach their students the best ways to approach the IELTS components, the most effective strategies for tricky test types, and how to handle the exam's critical points. The coaches of the IELTS review center in Baguio also utilize quality training materials and up-to-date mock tests to help test takers acclimate to the assessment's demands.

Aside from taking IELTS review center courses, many test takers also engage in brain-boosting activities to bolster their chances of achieving their desired band score. Some employ meditation sessions and enroll in mind-empowering seminars. If you want to elevate your mental performance without engaging in out-of-the-way specialized training, there are everyday chores that you can immerse yourself in to improve your cognitive capacity.

Here are five household activities that you didn't know can improve your mental performance:

1.    List-making
Whether you are jotting down a long checklist of groceries to buy or creating a mental tabulation of your tasks for the day, there is not a single day when you don't make a list. It could be a deliberate effort to establish a guide, or it could be a subconscious act to bring organization. Either way, list-making is an excellent way of bolstering your mental performance. The act of listing down information by hand strengthens your memory retention and logical thinking skills.

2.    Mental Computations
Relying on written and visual materials can reduce your thinking and internalization rate. Use your mind more by doing mental computations and brain mapping. Skip using the calculator the next time you go out to purchase something and depend on your mind for calculations. Mental estimations can improve your critical thinking abilities and decision-making skills.

3.    House Organization
Keep your study space organized and remove unnecessary clutter from your desk for the best review experience. Many studies suggest that the act of bringing order to a chaotic environment can clear your mind and foster better mental performance. Thus, if you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed with the amount of topics you need to master, engaging in a spontaneous cleaning session to clear your head and increase your concentration.

4.    Sweeping the floor
Doing activities that challenge your hand-eye coordination can improve your mental performance. Many studies show that tasks entail coordination exercises connectivity in your brain's various hemispheres which promote better long-term brain health. Other household activities that involve hand-eye coordination include dusting house surfaces, cleaning the windows, doing the laundry, and washing the dishes.

5.    Cooking
Did you know that preparing your everyday meals can make your brain sharper? Cooking is one of the most enjoyable ways of keeping your mind active. Due to the many technical abilities it requires - knife skills, measurement know-how, and so on - and its utilization of your five senses, cooking can keep your cognitive capacities in tip top condition. Moreover, it can also improve your logical thinking abilities and memory retention if you are following a recipe.
Boost your mental performance during your IELTS preparation efforts. Engage in the household activities mentioned above and take a step closer to reaching your band score goals.

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