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The Student’s Diet: Five Nuts You Should Eat for Better Brain Function

If you are studying in an IELTS review center Philippines in preparation for your exam, it is highly recommended that you bring brain-boosting snacks with you. While taking hours-long lessons in IELTS Baguio means that you can cover many test points, it also implies that you have exerted a lot of mental energy, risking information overload. Moreover, spending extended periods studying can make you drowsy and reduce your cognitive capacity.

IELTS review center in baguio

Eating lightly is one of the most recommended ways of beating drowsiness when preparing for an exam. The texture and flavor bursts in your mouth can put your mind back on track without sacrificing precious review time through napping.

Upgrade your energy-boosting snack breaks by eating foods that are rich in brain-empowering nutrients. Keep your mind in excellent condition and maximize your time in your chosen IELTS review center Philippines by munching on the following nuts:

Almonds can preserve your memory and mental competency. This nut is rich in natural chemicals that promote the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that improves concentration and awareness. As an excellent source of vitamin E, it can also reduce the risk of developing dementia and other age-associated conditions. In fact, studies show that Alzheimer’s patients who regularly eat almonds increase their chances of restoring their memory and cognitive faculties.

Studies show that including walnuts in your diet regularly can stave off age-related mental decline. Their rich DHA content eliminates the regressive protein deposits in your brain, thus improving your memory and cognitive abilities. Other scientific investigations also revealed that walnuts also bolster your mind’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant processes.

Cashew Nuts
Loaded with magnesium, cashews can improve your blood circulation and prevent oxidative stress in your brain. Insufficient oxygen in the body not only makes you sluggish but also dulls your concentration and retention. By ensuring a healthy blood flow in your brain, this nut can improve your cognitive performance. Cashew nuts are rich iron, zinc and copper, which also reduce mental deterioration and memory loss.

Macadamia Nuts   
Eating macadamia nuts can help keep your brain’s normal functions up and running. Their high palmitoleic acid content fortifies the myelin, an insulating sheath in your brain, thereby protecting the development of your cognitive nerve cells.  Its rich magnesium, copper, manganese and vitamin B1 content also contribute to the healthy production of neurotransmitters. Macadamia nuts are also an excellent source of the heart-friendly fat called oleic acid, which reduces your blood pressure and diminishes the risk of stroke.

Rich in vitamin B6, pistachios can enhance the production of hemoglobin in the blood.  The circulation of highly oxygenated blood can help keep your mind in its best condition. This nut is also an excellent source of antioxidants, which amplify not only your cognitive performance but also your immune system. Studies show that its natural oils can also combat brain inflammation.

Supplementing your exam preparation efforts in IELTS Baguio with these mind-enhancing nuts can increase your chances of acquiring your band score goals.

Munching on cashew nuts, macadamia nuts and pistachios improves the circulation of oxygenated blood in your brain, thus enhancing your mental faculties. Meanwhile, the nutritional properties of almonds and walnuts can keep your mind sharp and combat age-related cognitive deterioration.

Bolster your IELTS review by including these nuts in your daily meals. The regular consumption of these nuts will not only amplify your cognitive performance but will also improve your physical health.

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