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Decoding Body Language: Mannerisms to Avoid during Job Interviews

Whether you are talking about momentary engagements or long-term relationships, first impressions matter.

First impressions have a significant impact on how you are perceived by the other person as it not only provides a glimpse of your character, but it also influences all your interactions with him/her after that. Hence, the consequences of flopping your initial meeting with an acquaintance are not as excruciating as that of failing your job interview. With time, you can remedy whatever bad impression you made with a peer. However, the same cannot be applied to the latter. In job interviews, you only have one shot to make or break your case.

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The same principle applies when you are applying for a job overseas. International companies determine if you are a suitable addition to their workforce through specialized examinations and job interviews. Achieving an excellent band score in the IELTS exam, a globally acknowledged English proficiency assessment, can increase your chances of securing your dream job abroad.

Many test takers strategically prepare for the high-stakes exam with the help of an excellent IELTS review center. Excellent training facilities like the IELTS review center in Baguio offer comprehensive courses that tackle the language assessment’s vital points. To ensure their program’s competence, the instructors in IELTS review center in Baguio utilize up-to-date materials and mock tests to train their students. They also provide IELTS walk-throughs, coaching sessions and pointers for review.

However, while IELTS review center teachers can equip you with all the necessary tools for test success, they cannot prepare you for your job application ventures. Remember, first impressions matter, especially if you are meeting with your potential employer.

Make sure that you present yourself well by avoiding the following mannerisms during your job interviews:

Lack or distracted eye contact

This is the oldest and trickiest rule in the book. Absent or distracted eye contact reflects disinterest, nervousness or inattentiveness. On the other hand, locking eyes with the interviewer is also a big no-no. Not only does this practice generate awkward connection, but it also displays overconfidence.

Face touches and fidgeting

Do not fidget during the job interview. If you are one of those people who touch their face when they are anxious, make sure to prevent these nervous tics during the job interview. Facial mannerism no-no’s include: playing with your hair, rubbing your nose and scratching your neck. These gestures can be perceived as signs of boredom, disinterest and dishonesty.

Negative expressions

No matter how stressed you are, do not let the signs of discomfort and displeasure show.

Studies show that human beings naturally reflect the expressions they encounter. That is why you automatically smile whenever another person smiles at you and why laughter is contagious. Negative expressions like frowning and pouting can definitely put you at a disadvantage.

Mismatched projections

Negative expressions aside, make sure that your tone matches your facial projection. Deliver your answers with the appropriate emotions. If you are asked to talk about your interests, do so passionately. Replying with a monotonous tone and deadpan expression can lead the interviewer to question your sincerity. Likewise, do not discuss your limitations and shortcomings in your previous job cheerfully. Mismatched signals can affect your chances of securing the post. 

Securing your dream job is more than just about having the right skills and background. It is also about making a good impression to your potential employer. Avoid the mannerism no-no’s mentioned above to make the most out of your job interview experience. 

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