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IELTS Speaking: The Two Different Set of Words

The best responses in speaking get a high score because of how words are carefully selected for the response. Having good and extensive vocabulary is the secret in creating responses that clearly expresses one’s opinion. There are many ways in increasing vocabulary as suggested in an IELTS review center in Baguio. These methods are effective and useful, and have caused great improvement to their students.

As learners of the IELTS, it is important to know the two different set of words that one can use in the Speaking test—the topic vocabulary and the functional vocabulary. These two vocabulary groups are discussed in lectures in an IELTS review center.

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The topic vocabulary focuses on words that are commonly used in a particular topic in the test. These words are specifically used to improve the content and language precision in the response. Here are some examples candidates can use.

•    Talking about employment

    There are companies in the Philippines that employ workers based on how well they performed in   the hiring process, which includes tests and interviews.

    The unemployment rate was quite high before in my country as foreign investors were anxious about putting their money in a country under war.

    Work-Life Balance
    A good work-life balance ensures employers that their workers are happy with their jobs, making them more loyal to the company.

•    Talking About Family

    Close-knit Family
    I should say that I have a close-knit family since we always take the time to talk and spend time on weekends.

    Run in the family
    I guess it runs in the family that everyone is interested in music.

    Take After
    I have always been told that I take after my mother because we have similar complexion, shape of eyes and even with our personalities.

•    Talking About Government/People in Authority

    Adopt Policies
    The Philippine government should adopt policies that would ensure the safety of children in school.

    Introduce Legislation
    With the new president, I firmly believe that he would introduce legislation that might surprise people.

    International Organizations
    The help from different international organizations shows how our government can have support in times of trouble.

•    Talking About Relationships

    Look Up To
    She always looks up to her grandparents as they were the ones who raised her when she was still young.

    Can’t Stand
    Well, I guess divorce should be legal in my country as some couples can’t stand each other anymore.

    Keep in Touch With

    There are many ways for this relationship to bloom, such as keeping in touch with each other at all times.

•    Talking about technology

    The recent breakthrough in medicine will surely provide new and effective medication to those patients.

    I agree that the media has been very influential to people’s outlook nowadays.

    Digital native
    Well, my three-year-old son is a digital native. He has grown to be well adapted to the technology around him.

On the other hand, functional vocabulary refers to words used on how to deliver the response, such as giving opinions and making comparisons. Different words are practices in the speaking course in an IELTS review center in Baguio. Here are some examples of functional vocabulary:

•    Comparing and contrasting


    I think the city I live in now is better than my hometown since my hometown does not offer any good opportunities for young people.

    The office I work with is not as busy as the one I was first hired.

    Like chalk and cheese  (completely different)
    My parents are like chalk and cheese. My father is talkative, yet my mom is so reserved.

  In contrast to

    The beaches in my city are pretty, in contrast to the beach in my hometown where it is quite dirty and crowded.

•    Agreeing and disagreeing

    I couldn’t agree more.
    You are right. I couldn’t agree more. It is the best place in town to relax and unwind.

    I go along with that view to a point
    I go along with that view to a point that school children should learn a second language; however, it is also important to focus on their academics.

    Expressing opinion

    Speaking for myself
    Speaking for myself, I think TV has its negative effects on young children.

    It seems to me
    It seems to me that young adults nowadays are very concerned about the way they look.

•    Using fillers

    Let me see
    Let me see… It would be Christmas, since Christmas is when the family is always together.

    To be honest
    To be honest, I do not really do exercises, but I think running would be good for starters.

These vocabulary words are very useful and are always given focus on lectures and practices in an IELTS review center. Practice using these and see changes on the way you construct your speaking responses.  

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