Monday, December 19, 2016

How Essays in IELTS Exam Are Scored?

Most IELTS students have weaknesses in writing essays. The IELTS Writing section creates a challenging atmosphere for students to describe, illustrate and elaborate their ideas based on a given data and their personal opinion. In IELTS training, essay writing covers different lectures on how to write effective essays based on the type of questions. A lot of students appreciate this as they can distinguish the different styles of writing they can use for the test. Apart from all these strategies and techniques in writing, there are still some candidates who are having a hard time getting a good score in this section. How are these essays scored? What can be improved then?

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One IELTS review center in Baguio has designed a program that focuses on intensive training in writing. Part of the program is the discussion on the writing criteria of the IELTS. Understanding the criteria allows students to be more conscious of their writing styles, resulting in better compositions.

The IELTS Writing Criteria

Task Response

This criterion focuses on the task achievement whether the essays have been developed and supported by accurate details. What candidates must do is to fully understand what the tasks are asking them to do. Proper planning must be done prior to writing. Specifically, one has to create an outline as a structure of the essay.

When writing the essay, details should be clear and authentic. The supporting details should be written to support the main argument that includes specific examples related to the topic. Also, the essay should have the right number of words. Failure to write the minimum number of words is a deduction to the score.

Coherence and Cohesion

Coherence and cohesion refer to how logically the ideas are presented in the essay. For instance, when creating a point, make sure that it is written in one body paragraph and all supporting sentences point towards the argument being made. Moreover, the points or the reasons must be linked to avoid disrupting the flow of your essay.

It is also important to remember the use of cohesive devices to guide the reader in the essay. Cohesive devices or transition words give an idea on what point you are trying to express. Finally, proper punctuations should be observed.

Lexical Resource

The lexical resource focuses on the range of grammar used in the essay. Do you keep repeating a word for more than three times in a paragraph? It means that you have a limited vocabulary in expressing your idea. It is important to use words that can support the idea in the paragraph. Also, misspelled words are to be corrected and collocations are to be strictly followed.

Grammar and Accuracy

Verb tenses, conjunctions, prepositions and sentence structure are the usual problems in writing. When these are incorrectly used, the content of the essay is compromised. What candidates must do is to review the rules on these to avoid committing the same error over again.

The IELTS review center in Baguio gives activity to their students that will practice achieving each criterion. This is what IELTS training should focus on developing the skills of their students.

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