Sunday, November 20, 2016

5 Tips about IELTS You Cannot Afford to Miss

If you think reviewing for the IELTS is a piece of cake, you’d better think again. Every IELTS test candidate has experienced a lot of stress when preparing for the examination. The pressure of getting the required score even adds the burden of thinking different studying strategies to master the IELTS. In my experience, my review was made very convenient by the IELTS review center in Baguio where I stayed.

ielts baguio

As a nurse, it is my dream to work overseas and earn money to support my family. Going to the United Kingdom is my greatest target. As a requirement, an IELTS score of 7.0 is needed for the application. At first, I almost gave up on my dream since taking reviews in an IELTS review center means taking time from my already busy work schedule. However, I saw my colleagues at work balance time, and yes, it became a challenge for me.

Reviewing was no easy. I sometimes arrived in class late and exhausted, but my instructors were very understanding with my situation. The road to IELTS success is not easy to take, but IELTS instructors do not easily give up on their students. Thus, I learned a lot from them which contributed to my success in taking the test. If I am asked to summarize what I learned from my review in the IELTS review center in Baguio, I can come up with 5 effective tips.

1.    Never underestimate the tasks of the exam
Honestly, I thought that I could take the exam without taking the review. That was how confident I was with my English skills. However, through the duration of the IELTS review, I learned many things about the IELTS that you cannot just develop by studying alone. Certain skills and strategies are needed and only experienced IELTS instructors can teach you how.

2.    Learn from your mistakes
Practices and mock exams are given to assess your progress in the program. There are times that you will not feel happy with your scores. Instead of being sad, you have to take this as a challenge to do better in the next assessment. Take note on the items you got difficulty with and practice at home.

3.    Practice speaking English as much as you can.
Luckily for me, I had my colleagues at work also preparing for the test. It was awkward at first, yet we all tried to use English when communicating. It was important for us to feel comfortable in using the language, making it like our own native language. By practicing, one can get used to speaking in English and at the same time, develop the confidence in using it during conversations.

4.    Expose yourself to a lot of practice tests
There are a lot of free practice tests you can take advantage of online. Make it a target to finish a set of both reading and listening every day. This is to make sure that your skills are being used and practiced. There are times that when you skip answering exercises for a week, you will have a hard time again with using and developing your skills.

5.    Be with the best IELTS review center
Nothing beats quality training for the IELTS. A lot of students look for IELTS review centers that can cater their needs. Since there are lots of review centers, make sure you make the right decision by considering the review center’s programs, teachers, class materials, and even class schedules.

What IELTS candidates must have is a positive attitude during the reviews. This is what I had when I was reviewing and indeed, it has resulted in my dreams coming true. I am flying to UK next month, and I will be living my dream, thanks to the IELTS test.

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