Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Ultimate Guide to your IELTS success

What is the secret to success in the IELTS test?

IELTS test candidates are often seen discussing among their fellow candidates on how they can do better in the test. Every IELTS test taker understands the importance of having IELTS training prior to taking the examination. It is through this that candidates learn the basics and the other essentials included in the examination. Doing self-review is good; however, IELTS review courses offered at the IELTS review center in Baguio and in other parts of the country can provide quality training a self-review does not have.

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Success in the IELTS is possible. Cases of test candidates not hitting their target scores commonly result with the lack of exposure and practices. Exercises for the IELTS is emphasized in IELTS training programs; thus, students come well-prepared for the exam. To be ready for the exam, here is an ultimate guide for your IELTS test success.

•    Decide on the amount of time you will spend in reviewing for the examination. Some people prepare as long as six months to have more experience and exposure to the test. It is important for you, as a candidate, to know how much time you can devote in studying as the IELTS may be quite challenging to learn.

•    Read a lot of English materials. Reading could be a boring activity, but the benefits are excellent. Through reading, one can develop better vocabulary. Also, reading comprehension is improved and the endurance in reading long passages. If you are someone not into reading, take it slow by choosing materials for light reading such as magazines and comic books.

•    Listen to Australian and British accents.  These accents are commonly used in the listening part. Some test takers have a hard time understanding how people talk because they are not familiar with the accents. For Filipinos, the American accent is widely used. To be familiar with these accents, watch movies or even news broadcasts like the BBC.

•    Learning the basics in grammar will come in handy during the review and in the test. Grammar is one of the criteria in speaking and writing; thus, responses with grammar errors are sure to get a low score. Reviewing the basic rules on subject-verb agreement, tenses, and punctuations is a good start to build a strong foundation in grammar.

•    Find a speaking partner. Look for someone you can speak English comfortably. According to a study, talking to someone in the English language increases one’s proficiency dramatically. Also, through a speaking partner, it is not only the skill being developed, but also the confidence in using the language freely in conversations.

•    Find a good IELTS review center. One factor that contributes to the success in the exam is the IELTS training from review centers. IELTS review center like in Baguio offers programs that will suit the needs of students for training. Choosing a program and a review center is very crucial; hence, one must check the quality and the price of their courses.

The ultimate guide to success in the IELTS starts with your readiness to give time on reviewing. Review religiously for the IELTS, and you will successfully pass the exam.

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