Monday, August 15, 2016

How can I get more than the Average Score for the Academic IELTS?

Are you having any trouble preparing for your IELTS? Does it seem impossible for you to get a score of 7.0?

Perhaps, the best thing for you preparation is understanding the IELTS test and knowing several tips and techniques that can help you get an average or even better score in the IELTS Academic test. In an IELTS training course, candidates for the examination are given different kinds of lectures and practice exams to build necessary IELTS English skills. There are hundreds of IELTS centers like IELTS Baguio, Manila, Cebu, and Davao that can deliver quality training for the test. What’s best is that these centers have great tips and advice on getting an overwhelming score in the test.

IELTS Review Center

The stress in getting a good score in the IELTS test is not an unfamiliar situation for IELTS instructors. Thus, they make sure that all IELTS students are ready once they are to take the exam. Here are some ways on how you can get an average (or even better) score in the IELTS Academic test.
  • Expand your vocabulary. Every IELTS candidate knows how tiresome the reading passages can be. What makes it more difficult is the unfamiliar words that you might encounter during practice exams. The best solution is to build a strong vocabulary through reading different English reading materials. Also, your responses for the IELTS writing section will be more expressive as you are able to use vocabulary that is appropriate to the content of the essay.

  • Listen to British and Australian English accents. The IELTS commonly use these two English accents in the listening section of the tests. As Filipinos, we are used to listening to American English; hence, it might cause a little confusion if one is not exposed with these two accents. In IELTS Baguio and other review centers, listening practices using these accents are organized in classes. This aims to make students more familiar with the differences in pronunciation and even word stress.

  • Use English at every opportunity possible. What Filipinos have to remember in the IELTS is to put a very confident face during the speaking test. You are evaluated on how well you can respond to every question; however, if you lack the confidence in speaking, this can compromise your performance. To boost your confidence in using the English language, use it as part of your daily conversations. For instance, when ordering in a restaurant, use simple expressions in choosing your meal. Also, when discussing with a colleague, talking in English will be a good way to practice.

  • Find a good IELTS review program. Attending an IELTS training review course is essential to getting a good overall band score. This is possible with highly qualified IELTS instructors who can deliver results and success to their students’ training with their lectures. When choosing the best program, find one that has a very flexible schedule with updated materials for starters.

Getting an average overall band score in the IELTS is very possible. You just have to practice a lot and make English as part of your daily life to improve not only your know-how but also your confidence in using the language.

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