Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Importance Of Skimming

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In taking an IELTS exam, it is essential to know techniques than can help you with your English proficiency. IELTS have four sub-tests. Writing, Speaking, Listening and Reading. In the IELTS Reading test, the skimming technique is very useful.

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Skimming is a speed-reading technique which enables the reader to cover a vast amount of material very rapidly. It is a process of reading over text with the purpose of getting only the main ideas or the over-all impression of the content. Readers skim to get the information they need quickly without wasting time. They do not need to read everything which is what increases their speed-reading range. Your skimming skill lies in knowing what specific information to read.

Steps of Skimming:
  1. Read the title.
  2. Read the first paragraph or the introduction.
  3. Read the first sentence of each paragraph.
  4. Read headings and sub-headings.
  5. Notice any pictures, graphs or charts.
  6. Notice any italicized or boldface phrases or words.
  7. Look for important pieces of information, such as names, dates, or events.
  8. Read the summary of last paragraph carefully.
 It is very useful to pay attention to the organization of the text. Main ideas are found in the first sentence of each paragraph and in the first and last paragraphs. In skimming, to get an over-all impression, ignore the details and look for the main ideas. Be active all the time when you’re reading. You have to work at constructing the meaning of the text in what you’re reading.

In most academic writing, the paragraphs are organized internally. It is a coherent unit, which must connect to the previous and next paragraphs. Skimming a text using first lines of paragraphs is an effective way to find general information of your reading material. Always remember that reading is an interactive process.

You may also find that in some reading materials, the text is organized through the use of headings and sub-headings. This should help you get a feeling for the organization of the text and its content. You will find that familiar texts are easier to read when you are skimming a text using section headings.

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