Thursday, April 21, 2016

True, False, Not given: Which to choose in the IELTS reading test

One of the most confusing types of questions in the IELTS reading test is the true, false, or not given question. Candidates usually mix up false and not given that makes this type of question tricky and difficult. When faced with this type of question, what should one do?

When we say true, the statement clearly appears in the test. It could be a paraphrased version of the original text, yet the content is the same. False is for statements that are in direct contrast to what has been written in the passage. It says the exact opposite of a particular statement. Not Given are statements that are either true or false. These are statements that cannot be found in the reading passage.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Easiest Way to Fail IELTS Writing

Failing is never an option in the IELTS test. However, because a test candidate comes unprepared for the examination, it is most likely that this candidate will fail hitting his target score. Getting ready – mentally and physically – for the examination is a key to your success. Reviewing for the examination is not an option rather a must-do for the exam.

Among the different sections of the IELTS test, writing poses a threat to candidates who are not fond of writing essays. Do you want to fail your IELTS writing test, do the following to make sure of your failure in the exam.