Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Useful Phrases for IELTS speaking

Being a good English speaker means being fluent in the English language. Filipinos are one of the nationalities who are considered to be good at using English. This is true since English has been the second most spoken language in the country.

The IELTS speaking is a good test to evaluate how well Filipinos are in understanding and using the English language. Candidates for the said examination feel pressured as they have to sit in front of a native English speaker to evaluate their skills. Hence, speaking practice is important.

For starters, improving one’s vocabulary is needed for the speaking test. Choosing the right words when speaking makes it easier for a candidate to express his or her ideas and opinions. Also, a good command in grammar is necessary. Sentence structure, verb tenses, and subject – verb agreement are only a few things that should be remembered. Finally, useful phrases for communication is appreciated. What are these useful phrases that can be used for the IELTS speaking test?

To say something in another way

·         In other words…
There are lots of problems faced by the youth today. Some feel pressured with their studies and
even peers. In other words, the youth are stressed out both academically and socially.

·         Perhaps I should make that clearer…
The elderly wants to be independent. That’s a little broad, perhaps I should make that clearer by
saying they value more their independence as they get older.

To disagree

·         I’m afraid I disagree.
Examiner: They say that tourism has more negative effects to a country, do you agree?
Examinee: I am afraid I disagree. I see it differently.

·         I wouldn’t say that it is true.
Examiner: Science is more important than art.
Examinee: I wouldn’t say that it is true. Art promotes creativity which science cannot.

When you need to clarify something to the examiner

·         Could you please explain what… means?
Ohh.. that’s a nice question; however, I am a little confused. Could you please explain what
acatalepsy means?

·         Sorry, but I didn’t quite understand the question.
Examiner: How can globalization affect your city and the country?
Examinee: Sorry, but I didn’t quite understand the question. Is it to my country or city?

To have the examinee repeat the question

·         I am sorry, but could you please repeat the last part of the question
I totally agree with the notion; however, I’m sorry but could you please repeat the last part?

·         I didn’t quite catch that.
Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that. What you were asking is if I agree that actors should be paid
more than doctors?

To provide a summary

·         All in all
Finally, children should be given free time to enjoy their childhood. All in all, children should be
given a balanced time for both studies and relaxation.

·         To conclude
To conclude, there are a lot of advantages regarding CCTVs which totally outweigh its

These different phrases are all helpful in guiding the interviewer in the course of your response. It makes your answers smart and can get you a high score for the IELTS speaking test.

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