Sunday, April 13, 2014

List of Accredited IELTS Review Centers in Baguio City, Philippines

The International English Language Testing System examination has been known to any Filipinos who have been preparing for work, education or immigration overseas. The IELTS exam is one of the most important requirements that failing to get the required score can put a stop on a candidate’s application. Since it is very essential, candidates choose to review for the IELTS with the help of IELTS review centers.

Years ago, residents had a hard time looking for an IELTS review center since the city did not have any. To make matters worse, the test center was not available in the city that residents needed to go to Manila to schedule an examination. Things have changed. Now, Baguio City houses a number of IELTS review centers that provide exemplary training and education for IELTS test candidates. Here are a few names that you have to check out.

1. JRooz Review Center Baguio

One of the soaring IELTS review centers up north, Jrooz offers review programs that surely give success to its candidates. It has other branches in other cities like Manila, Cebu and Davao as well. It is housed with top calibre instructors. The training center also provides flexible schedules to students along with its mock tests and one-on-one coaching. Visit Jrooz Review Center at

2. EPro (English Proficiency Training Centre)

EPro prides itself as it has been providing IELTS review for many years now. It offers simulation tests which candidates can take advantage of once they are enrolled in their course programs.

3. Canaan English Language Center

American and British instructors provide classroom lectures in this review centers. It believes that with the help of native English speakers, candidates will get their desired scores in the IELTS.

4. Dreamforce Review and Training Center

Formerly known as Healthforce One Review Center, not only it offers IELTS review but review to some professional licensure examinations such as local nursing board and engineering exams.

5. Globalize Language Center Corporation

Not only a school that caters Korean nationals to learn English but also an academy where Baguio residents can review for the IELTS. Unfortunately, the center does not have a website but you can email them at

Reviewing for the IELTS in Baguio City has never been this convenient compared in the past years. With a number of review centers to choose from, candidates are sure to get their target scores and pursue their applications overseas. Choose the best center for you and discover the endless opportunities an IELTS certificate could bring to you. Study IELTS today and be globally competitive.


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